Policies - Day Trips and Tours

These terms and conditions apply for overnight tours and day trips with Thomas Charters LLC.

Booking Policy: To secure the event date for a multiple day trip or tour, an advanced reservation deposit is required totaling 25% of the total fare. An additional deposit totaling 50% of total fare is due 60 days prior to departure date. Final payment is due 30 days prior to departure date. An advanced reservation deposit confirms your reservation and acknowledges your acceptance of these terms and conditions. All ticketed sales for day trips must be paid in full at time of reservation and are NON–REFUNDABLE.

Cancellation Policy: Clients may cancel a multiple day trip or tour up to 60 days in advance of the event date with no penalty. Clients canceling a multiple day tour less than sixty (60) days before the scheduled departure for ANY reason will not be refunded their deposit, and will be charged an administrative fee and any cancellation charges that may be assessed by carriers, hotel, or other contractors. Clients canceling a multiple day tour less than thirty (30) days before the scheduled departure for ANY reason will be billed or the company will retain fifty (50) percent of the contracted prices as liquidated damages. Clients canceling a multiple day tour less than fifteen (15) days before the scheduled departure for ANY reason will be billed or the company will retain one hundred (100) percent of the contracted prices as liquidated damages. Advanced reservation payments that are delinquent 30 days prior to the event will consider the client cancelled. Thomas Charters or Thomas Transportation reserves the right to cancel any trip prior to departure and make full refund if, in our opinion, the safe passage could be compromised due to acts of nature, authority of law, terrorism, war, accidents, road condition, mechanical failures, work stoppages or weather.

Refund Policy: No refunds will be made for unused sightseeing, meals or other tour features involving non-recoverable expenses or persons who discontinue a trip prior to completion of tour. Clients canceling a one-day tour will be refunded only if the tour is “Sold Out” and their tickets can be resold. Travel insurance is available for single day and multiple day tours.

Disclaimer of Responsibility: These tours are operated by Thomas Charters LLC. We act as agents for the passengers and therefore accept no responsibility for any extra overnights caused by any delays due to Acts of God, delayed departure or arrivals, bad road or weather conditions, any conditions beyond our control, or items left on the vehicle. We reserve the right to change our itinerary and substitute arrangements of equal value, if in our opinion circumstances warrant. We also reserve the right to cancel any and all tours and refund payment made if bookings are inadequate. While on a tour, the escort will verbally announce all departure/arrival times at each location. Help cards with the escort’s cell phone number will be handed to each customer on route to the destination. Passengers are responsible to find their own way back to the motor coach after each stop. Any passenger that is more than 10 minutes late returning to the coach may be at risk of being left behind. Return transportation for customers left behind will be their responsibility and at their own expense. If the occasion should arise, Thomas Charters LLC reserves the right to lease equipment from other companies in order to fulfill this agreement. We reserve the right to substitute any vehicle to fulfill our transportation obligation. We cannot guarantee the assignment of requested drivers or vehicles.

Baggage: Passengers baggage is limited to 50 pounds per bag and in a total quantity that can be conveniently stored in the vehicle. The company will exercise all reasonable care, but is not responsible for loss or damage to parcels or baggage carried on its vehicles. Each member of the group shall be responsible for their own personal property and baggage. We do not allow ski boots, golf shoes or other sports shoes with cleats to be worn on board any vehicle. Passengers are requested not to lean skis, sports equipment or other luggage against the vehicle. Thomas Charters LLC is not responsible for, and the vehicle operator has no authority to accept, the risk of loss for an item(s) left on the vehicle at any stop or at the conclusion of the trip. Each passenger will place his or her baggage in a safe manner, or shall request that it be safely stored by the vehicle operator or other employee of Thomas Charters LLC. The company shall not be liable for any injuries to a passenger or passengers caused by or resulting from the falling or shifting of baggage not placed or stored by the operator of the vehicle or some other agent of Thomas Charters LLC. No member of the group shall open or close the exterior baggage compartments on the vehicle.

Seating: Children must sit with their parents.

Carry-on & Coolers: Small containers are allowed on board. Large coolers are not allowed in the bus but can be stored in the luggage compartment area.

Smoking Policy: NO SMOKING on the motor coach at anytime!

Driver Gratuities: Motor coach driver and tour escort gratuities are NOT included in the price of any single day or multiple day trip. Though tipping is a personal preference and based on the level of service you receive, we recommend $2.00 per person/per day to each the escort and the driver.

Accepted Payment Methods: Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, In-state checks, Cash, Money Orders