Dan B.

I just want you to know that C&S Buying Show bus trip from Maine went very well. Our passengers (customers) all said that they had a very nice trip, and a great time. Our driver from Thomas Charters, Michael Baker did a great job driving, he was very accommodating, courteous and professional. The trip was uneventful, the bus was clean, comfortable, and the video entertainment system worked well. We shouldn’t hesitate from using their services again whenever needed.

Thank you for your assistance.

Dan B.,
Retail Perishable Counselor,
C&S Wholesale Grocers Inc

Brenda M.

On behalf of the residents of RiverMead, I want to send you and Mike a big thank you! Our trip to the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem was fantastic. The bus was clean, comfortable and the driver was helpful, pleasant and courteous. He was an excellent driver and our trip was timed perfectly from start to finish. The weather was perfect too. Not sure you had anything to do with that though.

I will send you an additional email later today with details for our trip to Maine

Scott and Penny

Hi all - just wanted to let you folks know that this was our first trip with Thomas Transportation and to let you know what a wonderful time we had! Cabbage Island was a great place to go, and the food was TREMENDOUS! The folks at the island were more than gracious, especially Grammy, and the boat ride on the Bennie Alice was very comfortable and enjoyable. Mostly, experiencing our trip to and from Boothbay Harbor, on your luxurious coach bus, made the trip perfect. We especially wanted you to know that our bus driver, Ernie, was professional in his driving skills and more than outgoing with his guests - Thomas Transportation should be proud of their employee!

Thanks for offering this trip - we'd participate again in a heartbeat!!

Renee E.

Thank you for the excellent and professional job you and your drivers did for our son's wedding this weekend. Everyone who used the buses were very pleased to be able to do so, especially with the storm that fortunately entertained us when we were all safely inside after the ceremony.

Warmest regards,
Renee E.


Hello and thank you so much for providing the bus. Everyone was happy with it and it worked out great!

Smiths Medical Critical Care

Tom & Karen Flavin

Hi Ed,
I wanted to tell you our trip yesterday to Gloucester is probably the most enjoyable day trip we've taken in memory. The coach was immaculate, and very comfortable, and the whale watch and dinner were just the best.... a very nice package.

Your driver, Mike, was exceptional I think. We spent quite a bit of time chatting and even had dinner with him at the Old Mill at our table. We enjoyed his company very much, and I would ask for him as a driver if it is possible on any future trips with you....we liked him very much ......had some very good conversation with him.

My wife and I both said, it would be nice to stay in Gloucester after the boat and enjoy the town and people's choice of restaurants for that seafood, if that might be in the cards for future trips. If so, count us in !!!

You run a top notch operation; I wanted you to know that. We might even get enough people together to charter a smaller exec coach to Gloucester for the day... I'll let you know..... I'm going to work on that; maybe even for next year ???

With kind regards,
Tom & Karen Flavin

Bruce and Jane Keough

Thanks so much. The transportation was absolutely PERFECT. I had to laugh when some of "the riders" said they were waiting for "the big bus" to take them back to Keene since that's what brought them there.

Jane Cary

Just a note to say that we Cary/Sandaks were so, so pleased with the coach and driver for our wedding guests at the two Brattleboro hotels. We have not heard anything but positive comments.

My sister wrote me, “I was VERY impressed by the coach and driver. I have never seen a driver care so deeply about leaving on time. He was polite, good humored and firm. Coach was clean and comfortable.” I hope all went relatively smoothly from the driver’s point of view, too. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Thank you!

Very Gratefully,
Jane Cary
Wilmington, VT

Bill and Maryann

We had a wonderful trip by Thomas Charters to Cabbage Island Maine yesterday. It was well worth the $119 each.

The food and service was great. Two lobsters, steamers, baked potato, ear of corn, onion, boiled egg (that is used as a timer), fish chowder, drinks and desert. Our waitress was fantastic!

Could have used a little more time to shop around the gift stores.

Bill and I are planning on going to NYC Dec. 8th. We are planning to see Ground Zero, Rockefeller Center, etc.

Bill and Maryann


I just wanted to take a moment to commend you on today's driver. The driveway of the house was quite challenging and he did a masterful job! I'm sure it was especially hard with 20 people in their 70s and 80s shouting instructions, but he never lost his professionalism.

As always, the bus was clean and comfortable, and the driver well prepared, well trained and accommodating. It's always a pleasure to work with you.

Heather - Program Coordinator - Keene State College

Sarah Sinclair

I just wanted to thank you for your services last week. We couldn't have asked for a better driver than Kyle. The tour group raved about him throughout the week! He was punctual, friendly, and always made sure everyone was accounted for.

They also really like the bus - with the wifi, and very comfortable! Thanks for changing the windshield in time for the tour.

On behalf of Cardigan Mountain School, thank you, and I look forward to using your services again in the future.

Best, Sarah


I went on my first bus trip with Thomas Charters to Foxwoods yesterday. Being able to relax to and from without the hassles of city traffic driving made for a great day!(Not to mention that with the prices of gas, the fact that we receive a slot play and lunch makes it SO, SO, affordable) Our driver Kyle was the BEST! Passengers remarked on is professionalism, his kindness and how very helpful he was assisting those of us that had trouble getting up and down the bus steps. I look forward to more trips...Thank You

John B.

On Saturday my daughter and her husband, my daughter and her friend, and I surprised my wife with the trip. We all had a great time and were very happy with everything. Our driver did a wonderful job.
Thank You, John

Mee Yin and Fred

Fred and I just want to let you and Eric know we had a good time during our D.C. Trip. We also want to thank you for the beautiful scarf and the ½ dollar Kennedy coin. You are not only very creative and thoughtful as well. We will definitely take another trip with you someday. We are greatly appreciate if you can send us a group picture that you took in front of the Capital in DC ,or another group picture like the one at Mendenhall. Thank you for your time.

Mee Yin and Fred